Raison d’être

Never before has the world required philosophy as much as it does now. Far from being the archaic irrelevance of academics, the discipline of philosophy empowers us with clear thinking, perspective and the ability to sit with problems for longer.

The pace of modern life means we often take on the arguments of others for the sake of convenience and speed without true understanding. We are happy to believe too soon in our hurry to solve problems. However, the complexity of the modern world often means that in our haste we may unknowingly adopt views that are contradictory to our core beliefs and intuition.

The answers to the big philosophical questions of life, consciousness and reason remain out of our reach. Far from being irrelevant, these questions are at the heart of cutting-edge science and technology, be that artificial intelligence or quantum mechanics, neuroscience or cosmology.

A simple reality is not about answers, it’s about questioning and understanding. Questioning and understanding the complicated as best we can so that we can create a simple reality in line with our intuition in this complicated world. Then believe what’s right for you.

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Jon Ellard

September 2018